Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RTD advertise all of our horses in 5% or 10% shares. If you are interested in smaller shares then smaller investors can participate in a syndicate through our operation or with friends. You may purchase a 10% interest and involve 10 friends for 1% each and form your own syndicate - we provide all the guidance and paperwork to assist you in this process. Racing Victoria register syndicates for $275.
RTD retain one share in every horse they offer thus standing behind our product and judgement and managing the racing partnership with you and the trainer.
We leave the training strategy to Darren Weir, leading Victorian trainer last 5 years with over 100 winners in each season. If a key decision has to be made such as contesting an interstate race, paying a large entry fee, gelding or retiring, all owners will be consulted and a decision is reached based on the majority view.
Owners have the option to insure their outlay with our insurers. Insurance covers your purchase outlay (net of GST) against death, not injury. We arrange this with the insurers who specialise in the equine field. All insurance policies run for a 12 month period. Generally rates are less than 5% of the purchase price.
After making your purchase, RTD works with Darren Weir to provide you with all the relevant and timely information on the progress of your horse to ensure that you are keep up to date as to what is going on. The usual steps once a horse has been syndicated is outlined below:
  1. Once the horse has been purchased from the sale they are put out into the paddock to relax after their sales preparation.
  2. Each horse will have a month or six weeks off and then head to the breakers for education and getting used to life in a stable environment. This process takes around two months and after that they will head to Darren’s stables at Ballarat to have a look around and complete their education process.
  3. They will then be spelled for eight weeks and then they are back to the trainers to see which ones have early speed and ability for the 2YO races or which ones need to be saved for the 3YO races.
RTD will email you with regular progress reports, trainer interviews and barrier jumpouts onto the website, this information is for owners only and is sent via email or to your mobile phone. When your horse is in work, communication will also be sent to you from Darren Weir Racing. Such information will include nominations, acceptances, and pre and post race reports. You are also welcome to contact the trainers direct for an update.
Owners are welcome to visit their horses at the spelling farm by contacting RTD or the trainer’s stables at any time by making an appointment with Darren and the team at Forest Lodge. You can even see them work early in the morning or attend the jumpouts and trials. We also hold regular open days at Darren’s stables at Ballarat and owner events facilitated by RTD with Darren in attendance which are advertised on our website and social media. This allows you to get to know us and your trainer on a more personal level.
All owners are invited to submit a name for their new purchase when they complete the registration papers for the horse, 10 names are drawn and submitted to the Registrar of Racehorses for registration.
Once your horse is officially named, we will advise you that you can apply for your (Victorian) Owners Gold Card. The Owners card allows you free entry to the races and a guest pass when your horse is racing and has benefits including a free race book and drink voucher. (Click here to register your owners card).
On occasions RTD will facilitate luncheon tables for the owners to enjoy a full day out at the races in style.
All accounts are sent to the registered owners or syndicate manager directly from the trainer, vet or RTD when spelling on a monthly basis.
All prize money is transferred by the appropriate racing body (RV) to each individual owner or syndicate in the horse. RTD does not charge any management fees to our owners for ongoing services.
Racehorse winning photos can be ordered directly through Racepix. There is a large gallery available for winning horses and you can pick which photos you love and have them sent direct.