The reports on my horse are more than I expected. Only thought I would get a call or email but the videos are awesome.

Stephen Ramadge

Owner, Scottish Dancer

I was blown away by your professionalism.

Brian Fleming

It’s hassle free share ownership, and gives me much appreciated invites to functions. RTD is like family with its get togethers with other owners and directors who are passionate in what they are doing.

David Hopcraft

Attending the Gold Coast racecourse to watch Mahuta win the Magic Millions…single handedly the best day of my life!

Paul Scullie

Approachable and genuine syndicators. You guys are truly very approachable, genuine and completely honest with your prospective owners 

Patrice Van Velzen

I’ve loved everything about it. Being able to go to the races, getting the news on the horses, talking to the people involved like the trainers and jockeys.

Ben Bird

Excellent updates and lots of ways to meet people, the trainer, see your horses and have a good time.

Anna Dodgshun

I like how inclusive RTD are with anyone wanting to learn more, and how much fun the experience is. It’s an easy way to get into horse ownership.

Helen Moore

Nothing better than winning that first race and seeing the pure enjoyment and state of disbelief by owners.

David Nolan