While the massive cloud over racing looms large on a daily basis, and no more than in the last week, we can assure all of our loyal owners it’s business as usual for us at RTD. In fact while we are isolating as much as possible, we are still moving horses around to continue their routines as needed. The major change for us is the limited access to trainers stables for weekly updates, and of course not being able to attend racedays. We have put in extra communication protocols for horse updates during the week including Steve calling trainers, as well as more audio updates, and of course raceday we are relying on the trainers and racing managers to provide jockey interviews post race.

All of our yearlings, unraced 2YO’s and older horses are progressing through the education process, spelling, pre-training and racing as per usual, and our trainers are doing a great job of keeping us and subsequently you as close to the action as possible. Steve has been active in transporting the horses using the Racing Victoria industry guidelines and COVID-19 protocols, and he is handing the horses to the trainers in great shape for them to continue on with.

Of course if racing does suddenly halt, then we will activate our RTD Horse Movement Plan according to the level of constraint applied by the Government. Rest assured that we have ample accommodation for all horses under RTD management and an individual plan for each and every horse according to what stage they are at and what facility will best suit them in the event that the industry is closed for a 4, 8 or 12 week period. Of course these plans are being updated weekly as racing continues.

As most of you know it takes a good 12 weeks to get a horse ready to go to the races. The competitive advantage of having spelling and training facilities in the one property could greatly assist our horses in returning to racing as soon as we are given the go ahead. Check out some of the facilities of our current trainers, including a recent visit to Henry Dwyer’s St. Leonard’s property outside of Geelong last month. Henry is in the process of moving from Caulfield to Ballarat and as you can see from his beach property, he has all he needs to keep horses ticking over if there was an enforced break.

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