Tassie Racing ceases for a month 
We talked last week about contingency, and it appears our first challenge in relation to COVID-19 will be the cessation of Thoroughbred Racing in Tasmania effective immediately for a period of at least a month. The decision has not been a popular one, with Tassie’s biggest trainer, Scott Brunton, coming out on Thursday slamming the government for making knee jerk reactions and later Craig Newitt fearing for the future of racing in the apple isle.

Whatever the play, and RTD are certainly not getting involved in a political view, our primary objective is to ensure our horses and owners get the chance to race. We have already been in discussions with our Tasmanian trainer, Adam Trinder, and we are monitoring the progress of all of our horses.

If racing was to recommence after one month, it won’t have an effect, as our horses are still at trial stage. If it was to go on any longer, however, then we will be bringing the horses back to the mainland where racing is continuing at this time.

We will continue to monitor the updates coming out of Tasmania, and monitor the progress of Elton’s Song, Ocean Essence and Artie Dee Two with Adam to ensure our horses get the opportunity to race when they are ready to go.

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