Above – Our first Group 1 winner Krone in the Coolmore Classic in March 
While it might seem like we’re all about racing and winning the big races, the drive and motivation behind Roll the Dice Racing is more about how we can help others experience everything the racing industry has to offer. As we’ve learnt over the years, there’s so many different ways you can get involved, and all just as exciting.

In addition to syndicating young, up and coming horses, and running our events and functions, we’re also involved in bloodstock selection, breeding, tried horses, pinhooking, and equine welfare, and we love helping others be part of it too.

When we first embarked on this journey it was all about yearlings, and finding the next champion of the turf. We engaged the services of bloodstock agents, Jeremy Rogers and John Foote, to select these yearlings, and never looked back. We now travel to every major and minor sale in Australasia, branching out to New Zealand and the United Kingdom (pre COVID) to look for the best bloodstock at the best price.

Above – Jeremy Rogers (left) and John Foote (right) select all of our weanlings, yearlings and tried horses 

We’ve also begun dabbling in the breeding side of the industry. When we retire our well-bred and well-performed race mares, we employ professionals to advise on a combination of options. These include racing our own progeny in the future, mating our mares with the right stallions to suit the sales market, or simply finding the right pairing and selling them the following year to commercial stallions.

Above – Lasayette and her Mahuta filly at just 3 days old taken last year 

Another arm of the breeding industry is pinhooking. This is where weanlings and yearlings are purchased, broken-in and trained, and then re-sold as either yearlings or ready to run 2YOs respectively. Given the resources we have on hand, we have dabbled in this process over the last two years and learned an enormous amount about how to find quality young bloodstock, and then on sell at yearling and ready to run sales. As always, we align ourselves with the best in the industry to give ourselves the best chance of success. And as the tried horse market has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, we have also dipped our toe in the water and had some very good success in this space.

Above – retired racehorse Altaria is now a competition eventer and a very good one 

Our commitment to equine welfare after horses have completed their racetrack career is also important to us, and the re-homing process is something that is close to our hearts. We also work with 3 equine specialists to assist in re-educating our horses, and finding them homes in equestrian, pony clubs, and as general family pets.

And finally, we love to have fun! We can’t wait to re-instate our Roll the Dice events calendar again. From stable open days with our many trainers, yearling parades for our new season purchases, spring racing carnival hospitality, Bendigo Cup raceday, Magic Millions yearling sales, tours, and of course trips away to see your horse run. These events and functions are the best way to meet like-minded people, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

If you are interested in any of these areas, feel free to give Rob a call to find out how you can  get involved.  Come and experience the thrill of racing, winning big races, breeding your own champion, or buying a young horse and trying to get a huge price for it down the track in the sales ring. We have a lot of fun doing it, and love taking people along with us for the ride.

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